Before Sealcoating

Commercial Parking Lot BEFORE Topcoat Sealcoating Service

After Sealcoating

Commercial Parking Lot AFTER Topcoat Sealcoating Service

After with line striping

Commercial Parking Lot AFTER Topcoat Sealcoating with new Line Striping.


Topcoat Sealers will provide you with a sealer that far exceeds the federal specification of RP-355E. The sealer used is our own exclusive, custom designed, high density, high traffic, emulsified coal tar sealer. Our highly trained and skilled pavement technicians will machine apply the sealer and guarantee a clean job and jobsite which we pride ourselves with.

Here are some details regarding how our sealcoating service works and why it is beneficial to the look of your parking lot or road as well as your pocket book:

  • Sealcoating Process raises property’s curb appeal and beautification, protects you investment and doubles the life span of your pavement, pennies saves you dollars
  • Sealcoating applied by hand, squeegee machine or spray
  • Topcoat will remove overgrown grass throughout lots edge as well as weeds and debris with street brooms and blowers
  • Prep oil and chemical stain with Oil Spot Primer
  • Prep and fill cracks if applicable see crack repair
  • Hand apply sealcoat with fine broom finish
  • Tie off, rope off, barricade whatever you want to call it with twine and flagging tape
  • Stay off the driveway for 48 hours or 2 days
  • Appropriate line striping requirements

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